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What Clients Say About Creating Wellness With Christine

Christine’s professionalism and knowledge of the healing arts are reflected in the improvements I saw, not only in my own health, but in those of our clients that I have recommended to her since. I hold her in the highest esteem, and I’m proud to consider her as my doctor, a colleague and my friend.

James Cervelloni of Mindopoly Center For Change NY

Learning more about my genetics has been such an incredible experience! It has empowered me to support my current & future state of health through therapeutic food choices that serve my body best. This epigenetic appraoch has helped me refine my focus through personalized nutrition and I’ve found myself with more energy, life force and vitality.

Kristin Dahl of Dahlhouse Nutrition & The Women’s Wellness Collective CA

Christine’s passion, professionalism, and intelligence are unrivaled in the health care industry. She constantly increases her already-impressive body of knowledge, and she takes the time to uncover the root cause of health symptoms, treating the whole person and bringing them to total wellness. In my case, Christine’s dedicated expertise solved a chronic issue I had had for several years (unsuccessfully “treated” by several MDs) in a matter of a few months!

Shiloh Strawbridge of New School of Architecture and Design CA

My husband and I struggled to conceive for over 3 years.  During this time I felt an endless sense of loss, frustration and physical pain from hormone imbalances until I met Christine. From our first consult, we immediately connected. Christine paid impeccable attention to every detail I described about my health. I felt someone was hearing me for the first time and provided real hope. I was no longer just another number in the waiting room. Christine taught me new ways to use food, nutraceuticals, acupuncture, yoga and meditations to balance my mind and body. Within a few short months, I regained control of my health, greatly reduced my physical pain, gained energy and felt better than I had in years. Christine led me on a journey of self-exploration and healing that that changed me physically, emotionally and resulted in the birth of beautiful twin babies! After the birth of my twins, I turned to Christine again to help me find hormonal and life balance.  Christine introduced me to cutting-edge genetic testing that has pin-pointed the root of my hormone imbalances and methylation irregularities. I have full trust in Christine as she provides amazing insight backed by quality research to uniquely tailor a health plan for each individual. To top it off, Christine withholds judgment and offers genuine understanding of humanity.

Kelly G. MI

Christine has an enthusiasm and passion for educating herself and bringing that knowledge to her patients, as well as the larger communities of allopathic and alternative health care providers. Christine is committed to demonstrating how complementary health care practices provide a vital role in creating, restoring and/or maintaining optimal health. Thank you, Christine . . . I’m feeling great!

Lucia Pinizotti of Mindopoly Center For Change NY

Genetic testing with proper translation has helped me fine tune my body’s needs to produce positive results. Looking at my genetic foundation and customizing my nutrition and vitamins allowed my body to heal… Still a work in progress. My only wish is I had done it sooner.

Stacy Ercan of Stacy K Floral NY

It’s been so helping to have G’s DNA results. It was a lot of information, but now I know how to support her body for health and longevity. And, through illness or acute symptoms.

Nicole Gilles of Forage Collective CA

Since I have been working with Christine I have made changes that have not only impacted my health but also my life trajectory. After seeing multiple doctors who wanted to put me on medications and didn’t believe I had food allergies or a thyroid condition, Christine was able to uncover a gluten sensitivity, as well as Hashimoto’s. Along with improving my overall health internally, my external world changed as well. I began cooking more plant based foods, which meant I started looking at labels to make sure my food was organic and non GMO. These are just a few of the changes I made thanks to the physical and emotional support Christine provided. I recommended her to anyone I know who is struggling with the current medical system. Christine will go above and beyond any health care provider you have worked with.


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