Dionese 2019 IIIC H R I S T I N E Dionese, co-founder of flavor ID and host of the research-led podcast, Well Examined, is an integrative, epigenetic health specialist modernizing personalized wellness. Her top job though—mama to a rad, loving little girl! Christine has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. Her humble endeavor is to help individuals, kids and families activate their vision of health by beginning at the belief level.

Christine’s almost 20 years combined experience in research, private practice, consulting, writing and speaking spans epigenetic wellness, functional medicine, bioregulatory biohacking, traditional Chinese medicine, psychoneuroimmunology, immunology, endocrinology, ethnomedicine, food science & nutrigenomics, the human microbiome, quantum consciousness and the science of spirituality.

All facets of Christine’s work are research-led. Christine confers directly with scientists,  researchers and innovators to assist in developing studies and technologies while simultaneously disseminating research directly into her consulting practice to offer clients both time-tested and ahead-of-trend healing options to upgrade their whole health.  Christine is committed to uprooting beliefs and systems that no longer serve to help establish new, innovative models for healing and thriving in the modern world both in her private practice and with business clients alike.

Christine’s words and projects have appeared in print and online at The Today Show, Nourished Journal, Well + Good, W Magazine, The Chalkboard Magazine, The Fullest Magazine and Edible Magazines in NY and CA. Christine regularly contributes to The Fullest Magazine, a modern wellness and culture magazine where she candidly discusses all facets of epigenetic health research and the unfolding of the human condition to highlight sometimes uncomfortable social topics she thinks us humans can evolve through when carefully considered.

From Christine:

Nice to meet you here. Referred by a friend, or ended up here on your own?

Here’s what I can say about working together— we’re going to get to the bottom of it, the top of it and everything in between. My approach to helping you upgrade your personalized health leaves no parts unearthed. We’re going to dive to the deepest parts driving your whole health—we’re going to begin at the belief level to discover and manifest your highest self.

I will meet you where you are and endeavor to lead you where you want to go. This is personalized health. Ready to go there together?

My work with clients is sometimes serious and often emotion-evoking work. I take the road less traveled with clients, I spend the time it really takes to help people heal and in doing so, together, we’ll break from patterns that no longer serve. When you are met with resistance from the conventional medical world for walking the path less traveled, I will step into your flow to empower and mobilize the changes you have committed to. I am humbled to accompany others on their whole health journeys through life and endlessly driven to advocate for truth in health and personal sovereignty.

Much love!


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Selected Writing + Appearances

Christine’s work and writing has been featured at The Today Show, Edible Magazine Finger Lakes, Edible Magazine San Diego, Acupuncture Today, Well + Good, W Magazine, Momwell Magazine, The Fullest Magazine, The Feed Feed, Acupuncture Today, Nourished Journal, Boomtown Table, The Kitchn, The Chalkboard Magazine, The Cleaver Quarterly, Foodista, The Merry Thought, The Horticult and dozens of other fantastic publications around the web.

Christine has privately written dozens of professional medical papers, e-books and guides and is the co-author of two self authored food and lifestyle books.

Christine was recently featured on the following podcasts

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Christine is accepting clients into her integrative epigenetic health consulting practice on a limited basis, please contact her:

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