Health Concerns I’ve Worked With

What’s Your Story?

Each of us creates a story about our daily lives and wellness. Did you know that story is editable? That your story can evolve? That your story can be rewritten any time you choose? You are the author of your life. Cool, right!

The work we do together encompasses where science and discovery meets intuition and wellness. By taking a look at your beliefs, we’ll understand the history of your story and what’s creating it today.

Perhaps you just learned you carry a rare genetic trait and want to learn about how to manage the potential risk.

Maybe you have been living with a labeled diagnosis for years, but intuitively know there’s more to the story.

Were you diagnosed with an autoimmune issue and want to learn how your environment is influencing your daily wellness?

To evolve that story, I will work with you at the epigenetic level to help you unearth your truest nature.

Curious about health concerns I’ve helped people with? Here’s a short list.

| All types of autoimmune issues including RA, lupus, thyroid concerns, GI autoimmune issues

| Immunological concerns involving the determination of underlying pathologies such as mycotoxins/molds, gut microbiology regulation and regulation of intestinal permeability

| HPA-axis concerns such as underlying causes of sleep issues, stress and hormonal dysregulation

| Immuno-endocrine wellness such as whole-person hormonal concerns, diabetes

| Neurocognitive concerns such as Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer’s prevention and Parkinsons

| Fanconi Anemia

| Childhood wellness concerns reflective of concerns above

| Recovery from medical injury

| Emotional trauma and self-limiting beliefs




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