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I am currently only accepting concierge clients for annual consulting.

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Ready to change your life?

Over the past several years I have reaffirmed that this level of total health transformation and healing necessitates an ongoing relationship between client and guide. While the type of consults I offer result in a high level of momentum, through my clients I’ve learned that ongoing support and communication is paramount and pivotal to total health transformation. This relationship allows us the grace to spend time how you need it. Some days you’ll just want to discuss how your relationship with your boss influences your chronic rheumatological pain. Other days, we’ll spend 45 minutes discussing the nuances of optimizing one genetic polymorphism.

The work is personalized, ongoing, multi-dimensional and dynamic—it’s radical belief psychology transformation. It’s transforming beliefs to heal your body. It’s multigenerational freedom and liberation work.

Here’s what it looks like when we consult together:

My version of epigenetic health = meeting you where are and exploring and upgrading your beliefs to experience total health transformation in mind, body and spirit.

First we’ll explore your beliefs surrounding health. This will help me offer personalized tools to help YOU develop a growth mindset and quantum healing in consciousness, and in the physical body.

You’ll have an opportunity to explore your beliefs to consider aspects of childhood and growing up that have likely influenced where you are today and what you assign value to most.

We’ll go over your epigenetic charts. I see this as the foundation to helping you re-assign value to what matters most in your life. I take a very comprehensive approach to evaluating your epigenetic data to develop a personalized, ongoing plan that addresses all of your goals for total optimized health. From here we pull in all facets of integrative epigenetic tools from biological medical testing, to frequency therapies to nutraceutical and food therapies and traditional Chinese medicine to help you heal.

When we first talk during the initial consult I ask that you reserve an hour to an hour and a half so I can get to know who you are out in the world and we can begin going over your health history. During this time we’ll develop a plan together with my guidance to arrange your epigenetic testing.

These services are completely personalized. Together we will determine the frequency of and types of communication that work best to help you meet all of your goals. Communication frequency is fluid and we’ll develop a flow together!

Annual Fees:

Individuals: $15,000

Couples: $27,000

Families: Please inquire

Lots of love, with happiness;


Please contact me here: cmdionese(at)gmail(dot)com. When you write, please provide a reference explaining who referred you, or, how you learned about my services.

All fees are due before your appointment without exception, thank you so much.

If you are someone who has worked with me in the past and would like to reconnect at the epigenetic level, please reach out!

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