Happy Clients

What Clients Have to Say About Working With Christine

“If you’re planning on something new and different – and you have success on your wish board – finding yourself here now, with Christine, may not be a coincidence.”

“As a person, Christine is honest, ethical, brilliant and a dedicated friend with admirable values. As a professional, she is all of the above and more.

Her experience in the world as a healer, a business woman, and a social scientist seems impossibly extensive. Genuinely intrigued by human nature, her sincere desire to bring out the best of what is possible for you – and her ability to do exactly that – is nothing less than remarkable.

I’ve been successful as a practitioner and businessman. I can tell you from my association with her that she is an integral part of that success – and I’m forever grateful.

I knew nothing of social networking. At a time when connecting to this virtual world in effective ways is essential for the success of my business, Christine continues to lead me gently, knowingly across the vast web of social interaction.

She shows me just where to step so I don’t stumble, and I don’t get stuck.

If you’re planning on something new and different – and you have success on your wish board – finding yourself here now, with Christine, may not be a coincidence.”

James Cervelloni Mindopoly, New York

“When I finished my eight daunting years as a naturopathic student I felt as if I’d been given the pieces to a model airplane with the directions missing. I had skills and knowledge, yet didn’t quite know how to separate the business side from the healing side. Instead of considering the two autonomous of one another, Christine helped me understand how I could enact similar guiding principles to treat my patients and grow a successful business model. This not only helps my patients thrive, but my relationship to business continually improves!”

N. Schwartz MD/ND Brentwood, California

“I have worked with Christine in re-structuring my business model recently. She has a great deal of important information to share with anyone in the integrative health field. With her help, we determined where I was losing money and time. She also gave be a better perspective of the ins and outs of the insurance world which can be confusing and frustrating. With her help she taught me how to navigate the waters of a new and upcoming field a bit easier. I highly recommend Christine for her consulting and patient advocacy position.”

Angela Laurino L.Ac Elegant Medicine New York, New York

“Christine helped me extend my vision of private practice into three-dimensional actionable pieces by showing me I was more resourceful than I thought. Most students graduate with the overwhelming sense of, ‘where will I get the time and money to start a business all while treating patients?’ This trepidation was quickly erased when Christine showed me how to streamline the process of obtaining a business license, my tax ID numbers and product account establishment. My practice was open, with patients coming through the door in less than one month!”

J. Consqualzign Santa Monica, California

“… I was also lucky enough to collaborate with Christine on a student-focused event for my college, where her creativity, networking brilliance and passion for total health allowed us to create a wildly successful event that was both under budget and better-received than any previous events of its type. Christine is a true professional, an expert in her field, and a joy to work with as both a client and collaborator.”

Shiloh Strawbridge New School of Architecture and Design

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